About Us

Structured as a Search Fund (investment vehicle to acquire and operate firm), Maximus is funded by some of the most distinguished and successful investors globally in private equity and venture capital as well as proven entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in acquiring, managing, and growing businesses.

The investors are backing, the founder, Himmat Singh’s passion for running a business and his vision of making a single investment to manage the firm’s operations.

We are not looking to build a portfolio of investments or create value through sophisticated financial engineering. We are focusing all our capital and expertise to operate a single company.

Our Core Values:

At Maximus Capital Partners, we strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, built on the pillars of honesty, legacy and commitment.

Honesty: Ensuring integrity and fairness in all interactions and transactions.

Legacy: What we create and deliver means much more than just numbers. The bottom line is the mark and legacy we leave, which must not be eroded by time or success.

Commitment: Ensuring we are committed to the interests of our customers, employees and stakeholders, and that these interests are perfectly aligned.