Investment Criteria

We are looking for a company anywhere in the US with the following characteristics:

1. Profitable, stable and growing company

  • $5 to $50 million in Revenue and minimum operating margins of 15%
  • Strong historical revenue growth and predictable cash flows
  • Recurring revenue from a loyal and diverse customer base

2. Seller/Owner looking to exit & strong middle management

  • Owners looking to exit and hand over the reins
  • Highly motivated and experienced mid management excited to remain with company
  • Great culture and employee relations, supported by high retention rates

While open to other industries, we prefer Service (business service/consumer services) Companies in the lower middle market segment in the United States. We are particularly keen on Technology Enabled Business Services (TES), as well as Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT and Security Products and Services (e.g., access control, network video and analytics, systems integration, perimeter sensors).

Maximus Capital Partners will provide a favorable and attractive exit option for business owners looking to transition from day to day operations. Backed by some of the most successful investors in private equity and venture capital, as well as entrepreneurs, we can exercise tremendous flexibility in the investment structure and have access to substantial capital resources to consummate a transaction in a timely manner.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition for owners and employees and our strategy relies on long-term value creation. We will devote all (100%) our resources (financial/management) and expertise to the long-term success of your company.

Please contact us if with an appropriate opportunity. Competitive Referral Fees will be paid.